March, 2018


Top Skin-Care Products Every New Mom Can’t Live Without


Every woman knows that a good skin regimen is hard to maintain, especially if you don’t have the time or money to spend on it. This task becomes harder when you become a parent. According to a recent British poll, it takes approximately 1-1/2 years for any new mom to feel ‘like a woman’ again. Furthermore, the same poll found out that a staggering 63 percent of these mothers unwittingly let themselves go as they fail to grasp a beauty routine that genuinely works for them. As much as thoseRead More

Basic Steps When Creating a Workout Plan


Celebrities might make it look easy, but creating and maintaininga feasible workout program can be daunting, especially for beginners. It’s elusiveness is not just due to the lack of technical know-how of building and sculpting muscles, it is also due to the belief that costly, specialized equipment must be acquired. If you are determined to get into shape, but don’t have the time nor money to hit the gym or hire a personal trainer, you can still create an effective workout plan by following a few basic steps. Be honestRead More

Most Helpful Apps for Your Next Hiking Adventure


If you love nature as much you love staying fit, hiking is the activity for you After all, it’s the only outdoor activity that lets you exercise while discovering and exploring the wonders of nature on foot. Perhaps this is the reason behind the popularity of hiking, especially in recent years. Indeed, the number of hikers in the U.S. climbed to more than 47 million during spring 2017, compared to a tick over 44 million during spring 2016. During its rise in popularity, the activity of hiking also grew inRead More

To Brave the Dentist’s Office, Consider the Use of These Sedation Techniques


Dental anxiety and phobia are nothing new. In fact, up to 40 million Americans possess an intense fear over going to the dentist, to the extent that they do everything to avoid it. As a result, they don’t get the oral care they need. If you’re among these millions of people, remember that you don’t always have to fear a visit to the dentist. There are ways to deal with your phobia or anxiety, one of which is sedation dentistry.