June, 2018


Full-Face or Nasal? Sorting through Old and New CPAP Masks to Find the Right One for You

hand holding cpap mask

The first models of CPAP masks were bulky; they’re composed of headgear, hoses, and nasal cups that might look too intimidating to wear for someone who wants to be relieved from sleep apnea. Some have designs that might keep you from sleeping comfortably. Luckily, new CPAP masks are being introduced into the market to suit the patients’ needs better. Other than a full CPAP headgear, CPAP mouthpieces, CPAP nasal masks, and even CPAP without masks are now available in the market. To make sure that you’ll choose wisely among theRead More

Creative Strategies to Encourage Diabetic Kids to Eat Healthy

eat healthy

Diabetes remains a growing concern, affecting more than 13,000 young people each year. The diabetic rate in children draws special concern. A significant way to prevent or manage childhood diabetes is to develop healthy eating habits. As all parents know, leading a child’s taste buds to healthy food poses a challenge. It requires much trial and error in finding healthy food that kids like, leading parents to frustration and concern about whether their child is receiving enough nutrition while managing glucose levels.

Yes! Sauna Can Help You Lose Weight (And Other Health Benefits)

lose weight

Everyone knows that saunas have a lot of health benefits to offer. Not everyone, however, knows exactly what they are. Many associate saunas with weight loss, anti-aging, and disease treatment. But to what extent can they produce these results? Does sauna help lose weight? Can it really cure diseases? This article can enlighten you on the many merits of frequenting saunas.

The Secret of Sweat: 4 Interesting Health Benefits


Some people sweat easily, while some need more effort to sweat it out. No matter where you stand when it comes to sweating, there’s no argument that it’s good for you.