September, 2018


Physical Therapist or Chiropractor at Chiropractic and Wellness Center: Who to Pick To Heal Your Physical Ailment?

physical therapy

A common offering nowadays at a chiropractic and wellness center is physical therapy. It is understandable, as both chiropractic care and physical therapy are vital to the well-being of a person.

Adapting a Low Sugar Diet into a Busy Lifestyle

low sugar diet

Sugar is a culprit that we sometimes don’t consciously take. This can’t be less true for people whose lifestyles are forever on-the-go. That bowl of cereal for breakfast? It has more sugar than you think. Prepared a salad for lunch? Sugar is certainly in the dressing. Skipped the carbonated drink for a refreshing pineapple juice at a fast food chain? You’ve guessed it right.

Chemical Peel – The A to Z of The Treatment


Your first impression on anyone would probably be based on how you look and what you wear and while you could always change your clothes to suit the occasion, doing the same with your skin is not possible. If your skin tone is uneven, you have scars, blemishes and pigmentation or are simply battling acne, there is a solution for you.

Sauna Does Burn Calories But Here are Some Precautions

sauna for sweating out the fat

Several medical research studies have already proven the numerous health benefits of saunas, regardless of the type and kind. One of the most attractive benefits is its ability to boost weight loss. Whether we admit it or not, we have always been looking for a way to reduce our body mass without having to exercise or go into strict diet. Although we all know it is impossible, knowing that we can lose some pounds by only sitting and relaxing in a sauna still gives us hope. It was said thatRead More

Thai Yoga Massage and Hatha Yoga Workouts in Leesburg Spa


Thai yoga massage and Hatha yoga treatments have been practiced for centuries before making it all the way to a Leesburg spa. Read on and discover more about Thai and Hatha Yoga, and how they can benefit us.

Showing Signs of Memory Loss and Dementia? An In-Depth Discussion by Dulles Neurology Experts

suffering memory loss

Are you showing signs of memory loss? This could also be symptoms of dementia. If you feel that there is a need to address what you are experiencing, don’t panic and stay relaxed. A professional Dulles neurology specialist could assist you in trying to cope with your situation.

Are Your Kids Becoming A Hurdle In Your Way Back To Fitness? Here’s How To Change That!


Becoming a mother can be defined as an intense emotional experience – it can be fulfilling, devastating, life-changing or whatever way the mother describes it. Bearing a child and then nurturing it through thick and thin can drive anybody crazy, women more so because of the relationship.