5 Wonders Glycolic Acid Lotion Can Do To Your Skin

Glycolic acid, a newly discovered wonder ingredient in cosmetic products, is now taking the spotlight in the field of skin care. It is a kind of active compound called alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which comes from sugar cane. This molecule is mostly used in various health and wellness products like glycolic acid lotion, toner, peel, masks, and many others.

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What are the skin benefits of using products with glycolic acid?

So what is this buzz really about? Why is everyone getting crazy about it? Do you want to get into the hype and buy some glycolic acid items? Well, here are just some of the wonders this chemical can do to your skin.

  1. It peels off dry skin
  2. Do you always feel itch in your skin and you cannot determine why? Does your skin have breaking marks like the ones you’ll see in an unwatered garden plot? Try scratching your arm or your leg; do you see white lines?

    If you answered at least two of the above questions with a YES, then you must have dry skin. Glycolic acid washes off dead cells on top of your skin, peeling off the dry part, by dissolving sebum and other substances binding your skin cells, which makes it a lot better than using scrubs. Scrubs may be harsh for your skin since it tears off even the healthy skin cells.

  3. It unclogs and minimizes your pores.
  4. Both clogged and wide-open pores can result to lots of blackheads and whiteheads. But if you are using a glycolic acid peel, for example, this should not be a problem. This component has the ability to clear sebum, dead cells, dirt, and makeup clogging your pores. At the same time, it strengthens the skin cells, restoring its elasticity, therefore minimizing the pores. When you have clean pores, it will be easier for you to get rid of acne, particularly the cystic type.

  5. It can even your complexion.
  6. Finding a hard time applying your powder because of the uneven complexion of your face and neck? Not comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts just because the one-third of your arm is darker than the two-thirds? Well, products like glycolic acid cream and lotion can help you with that. The acid’s capability to peel off the top layer of the skin makes your complexion lighter. It also helps in pigmentation and in eradicating brown spots.

  7. It makes you look younger.
  8. As we age, our skin gets duller; it becomes more saggy and not that smooth. However, one of the wonders of glycolic acid is rejuvenating our skin, making us look a few years younger than we really are. It makes the skin young-looking by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, keys to a firm skin. The use of a glycolic acid peel also moisturizes your skin, enhances skin tone, and prevents fine lines. As your skin rejuvenates, you look more and more glowing regardless of your numerical age!

  9. The effects get better as you use it.
  10. As glycolic products remove surface grime and dead cells on the top, your skin gains greater capability to absorb the chemical. This is why as you use such items, the better your skin becomes.

These are just some of the wonderful effects of this so-called miracle chemical to your skin. It is available in various products, which makes it easier to include in your skin care regimen. However, remember that everything involves responsibility. Be sure to use this product in an appropriate amount and frequency. Take note of the considerations like your type of skin and the kind of environment you are usually exposed to.

So, are you ready to experience these wonders first hand? Why not start with a glycolic acid lotion for your body and a facial foam? Or a cream and a toner? Regardless, you should grab your miracle products now!

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