Adapting a Low Sugar Diet into a Busy Lifestyle

Sugar is a culprit that we sometimes don’t consciously take. This can’t be less true for people whose lifestyles are forever on-the-go. That bowl of cereal for breakfast? It has more sugar than you think. Prepared a salad for lunch? Sugar is certainly in the dressing. Skipped the carbonated drink for a refreshing pineapple juice at a fast food chain? You’ve guessed it right.

People who work 9 to 5’s and endlessly peruse subways are the ones who usually fall into the sugar trap. So how do we avoid this in the name of a healthier lifestyle?

low sugar diet

Secret 1: Intermittent fasting

You might be wondering how fasting and a low sugar diet could go hand in hand. “Won’t I be limp by the end of the day?” you might ask.

If you set specific times as to when you will be consuming sugar – and other things such as carbs and protein – you’d have better luck minimizing your consumption. Skipping a bagel for a snack because you’re in a fasting period will help you dodge a whole lot of sugar consumption.

Secret 2: Looking at the small things

Think about the number of candies that you keep in your pocket, multiplied by the amount of sugar in each, and you might just be carrying a full-on caramel vanilla sundae in your pants.

Busy people are guilty of nicking a sweet treat every hour or so to “take a break” from workload. If you’re the type who really needs something in their mouth or hands from time to time, why not try sips of lemon water instead?

Secret 3: Take the matter in your own hands

Anything manufactured is likely to have added sugar. If you’re hesitant or simply don’t have the time to prepare all your meals and shop at health stores, you’re in for a challenge.

Take a look at easy-to-prepare recipes and you might just discover a cooking hobby. You might try this during weekends at first and see the difference. But one thing’s for sure – you’re avoiding excessive sugars from pre-packaged food that you usually get from convenience stores.

The Bottomline

Adapting a low sugar diet comes in many ways and there are good reasons to add it to your lifestyle. Overall better health, increased metabolism, clearer skin, and a sharper mind are just some of the benefits. Dieting is not about avoiding certain food groups and depriving yourself of little pleasures. We’re not telling you to skip all the sugar and count how many grams you’ve consumed during the day – awareness of what’s in the food you take is simply the key.

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