Are Your Kids Becoming A Hurdle In Your Way Back To Fitness? Here’s How To Change That!

Becoming a mother can be defined as an intense emotional experience – it can be fulfilling, devastating, life-changing or whatever way the mother describes it. Bearing a child and then nurturing it through thick and thin can drive anybody crazy, women more so because of the relationship.

With all those nights of lost sleep, inability to have a personal space even in the washroom, and general lack of self-care because you’re busy obsessing over the new life, health and often get sidetracked.


Sidetracking Fitness in Young Mothers

It is practically impossible to have an exercise routine. It is even a challenge to stick to a diet plan. Who would worry about calories when you’re barely able to grab a bite in the middle of daily stress?

The harsh reality is: down the line, such negligence can cause drastic consequences. Particularly in the postmenopausal phase when your body is already going through a series of hormonal, physical and emotional changes, an unhealthy lifestyle can have a major impact.

Before we talk about what can be done to improve this situation, let’s fully understand the seriousness of this issue.

Postmenopausal Risks and Exercise

Postmenopausal women are exposed to a wide range of threats. First, thanks to awareness campaigns, women know they are at risk of osteoporosis, or loss of bone density with age. It is natural but for most women, this can be limited greatly through exercise and the use of supplements.

Sleep quality in postmenopausal women improves with moderate exercise. Even so, the research notes this depends on the amount of exercise and the time of the day it is performed. After all those years of lost sleep, a woman has to make up and recover!

Another research notes that physical exercise has an intricate relationship with the quality of life in postmenopausal women. From limiting the possibilities of falls and fractures to living a healthy fulfilling life free from debilitating issues, a little care can go a long way in promoting longevity and expanding the horizon, even at postmenopausal age.

Fixing the Issue in the Bud

Knowing what’s in store for you, it makes sense to implement a few strategies that can help you lead a better life in the long run. No matter how many times you find yourself in a suicidal mode, we all know mothers are in for the long haul. They’d want nothing better than seeing their children ace at life all the way to their last breath.

So while we’re on the subject, here’s what you can do to nip this issue right in the bud. It’s never too late to worry about your health. However, the sooner you start, the better results you’ll see.

  1. Don’t consider exercise as something you need to get done with while the children are asleep. With a little creative intervention, you can encourage kids to exercise and join your fitness routine. Some of the finest fitness enthusiasts and new mothers have already figured it out. From working around the house to cooking and caring for the toddler, you can stretch out those muscles and create a workout of your daily chores. It doesn’t have to be boring!
  2. Consider outdoor activities. This could include cycling, swimming, running, or even walking. Your kids would have to be a wee bit older for this but such exercise solutions are sure to get their attention. Try to get as many days of exercise as possible. You can even try ‘at-home’ cardio workouts. After all, doing something is better than doing nothing at all.
  3. You can consider yoga for mothers and toddlers. Since children are more flexible than adults, they’ll have little to no difficulty achieving all those poses. It’ll not only prepare their fragile bodies for tougher days, it’ll also give them a sense of achievement, something to bolster their courage. You can even use a waist trainer to support your back and core during exercise.
  4. Obstacle courses are fun for all ages. For children, however, they’re a different level of “amazing”. You can create one in your backyard or use a little imagination in the park to define what has to be done and how. If you’re lucky, the local kid gym would have something valuable to offer. Put yourself and your child through obstacle courses to rejuvenate that spirit, mind, and body.
  5. Eat healthy. Period. You might be inclined to feast on take-outs and frozen foods maybe several times a week. For all the right reasons, you need to abstain from it. You can have a cheat day now and then but try not to rely solely on it to provide nutrition to your body. For one thing, it isn’t just about you but also about your little one. More importantly, it will define what your old age will look like!

Pursuing fitness with kids can be challenging but it is not entirely impossible. There’s still hope. And even when you get to that fine age where your children move out to be the adults they were meant to be, it’s still not too late to begin. Stay motivated and you’ll see things turning in your favor!

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