Creative Strategies to Encourage Diabetic Kids to Eat Healthy

eat healthyDiabetes remains a growing concern, affecting more than 13,000 young people each year. The diabetic rate in children draws special concern. A significant way to prevent or manage childhood diabetes is to develop healthy eating habits. As all parents know, leading a child’s taste buds to healthy food poses a challenge. It requires much trial and error in finding healthy food that kids like, leading parents to frustration and concern about whether their child is receiving enough nutrition while managing glucose levels.

Fortunately, by using a few tactics, you can encourage your children to include fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food choices in their diets, instead of impulsively munching on junk food.

    • Educate

Children also need to learn the effects of diabetes on the body. This is the first step to understanding the need to take care of their bodies. You can do this by using visual tools, such as drawings or playing games, that demonstrate how diabetes hampers the body’s functions. Use a tube and fill it with something on one side that makes the other side rise or think of another creative contraption to represent the rise of blood sugar due to the consumption of unhealthy, sweet foods.

Use an implement or gadget to show how insulin reduces the sugar level as well.

    • Listen

It’s important for parents to listen to what their children want and prefer. This way, you will not impose a diet upon your kid that he or she may not enjoy. Ask them what types of food they want. Gaining their input on a diet builds their trust in your decisions. When your child trusts you, it’s easier for them to accept different eating habits. Meanwhile, you can offer healthy foods that somewhat imitate the flavors a child likes in unhealthy foods.

    • Role Play

You can’t be with your kid every minute of every day, especially if they’re in their teens. This means that you can’t always watch the food they eat. This is why it’s important to give them guidance by acting out realistic scenarios often encountered by kids. Discuss what they should do if a friend offers them candy or a cookie during school lunch break. Also, advise them on when they can split a pizza, cake, or ice cream with a friend. This way, you can teach your children to regulate their eating habits on their own.

Children need your guidance to manage diabetes. Don’t expect them to instantly know what to do; that is your job. Just help them understand their condition and the path to preventing it from getting worse. Securing the help of your doctor or a dietician will ease your task.

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