Different Skin Issues You Can Face On Your Chest And Neck Area

orogold in your 40s anti aging neck careIt is one of the biggest mistakes that people make in their routine skin care regimen. You spend all of your money and time concentrating on the skin on your face but ignore the skin on your neck and chest. While many people experience their first signs of aging around their eyes and mouth with fine lines, the most severe and irreversible signs of aging happen on our delicate neck and chest skin. As we age, our skin begins to break down at a cellular level, and we either use products to help maintain that cellular structure and heal it when it becomes damaged. Our face happens to contain a healthy amount of elastin and collagen that keeps the skin tight and firm without if we maintain a healthy skin care regimen, stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water. But why only concentrate on one area of our skin? The skin around our neck and chest is much more delicate than our face, and is exposed to more environmental factors than our face and often gets forgotten in any sort of skincare routine. When we age we often find that the skin around our neck gets looser much faster than other parts of our body, and we can thank gravity for that. Just like our chest is more likely to develop sun spots and deep wrinkles from more intense exposure. But don’t start panicking yet, there are plenty of ways to not only prevent these signs of aging on your chest and neck but to also reverse them!

If You Have Fine Lines And Brown Spots

Many people are extremely diligent about applying sunscreen to their faces, and even their arms and back, but often the neck and chest get missed in this form of protection and can lead to a lot of skin issues and premature signs of aging. UV rays are a huge culprit in the damage of skin cells. We are all well aware the UV rays can damage our melanin and even cause it to reproduce uncontrollably, sometimes leading to skin cancer, but UV rays also damage the skin on the surface level as well breaking up collagen, which damages elasticity, causing the skin to become saggy and loose. The damage to the structural collagen is where fine lines appear from. When the skin loses its attachment to the elastin fibers, the little indents of fine lines occur especially in areas where there is a lot of movement, like crows feet and smile lines. On top of fine lines and wrinkles around the chest and neck, UV rays damage skin pigmentation, this usually occurs as the brown spot or sunspots. Reversing or preventing these fine lines and brown spots from forming on your neck and chest are important to the health of your skin. There are so many products to remove the fine line and sagging skin. If you are using any product then you can get instant and effective results whereas if you will go for any home remedies then it will take time to get rid of.

  • If You Have Poikiloderma:

If you notice that after prolonged sun exposure, your skin develops a red itchy rash, discoloration with hyper-pigmentation, telangiectasia which appears as small broken blood vessels , or if you notice the thinning of your skin around your neck and chest, also known as atrophy; you may be experiencing a group of symptoms that relate to sun damage and aging known as poikiloderma. While this is not considered a threatening medical condition, it is a group of symptoms that, if left untreated, can do damage to the skin on the neck and chest and result in preliminary aging of the skin. Before these symptoms begin to make a real impact on the quality and youth of your skin, using an anti-aging cream like Solvaderm’s Revivatone, which contains properties that take care of all of the facets of poikiloderma, can help turn around your symptoms with its youth infusing peptides, cell rejuvenating apple stem cells and ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid. By combating and preventing each of the problems associated with poikiloderma, Revivatone is a powerhouse of anti-aging benefits for your neck and chest.

  • If You Have Folds And Wrinkles:

Folds and wrinkles on your neck are a natural part of the aging process, but there are many external factors that show how these can be heightened with improper care. As we age, the collagen and connective tissue begins to deteriorate and in the process our skin and fold over itself and acquire more wrinkles because it no longer has the elasticity to hold its shape. This is especially true for your neck and chin, where excessive motion and gravity have a large influence. To combat these problems, be sure to maintain good posture, keep your smartphone or handheld device at a level where your neck is long and your chin is out straight, and keep up a skin care routine that involves a cream with fatty acids, which help plump up natural collagen and maintain the elasticity of connective fibers. Revivatone contains Hexapeptide-10 and ultra-nourishing property that literally strengthens the layer between the epidermis and deeper dermal layers, preventing the skin from holding and keeping it tight.

  • If You Have Loose Skin:

Some people relate the loose skin under one’s chin to the same look as a turkey’s waddle, the piece of skin on a turkey’s neck that jiggles with every movement they make. It is not the most flattering relation and a lot of people pay large amounts of money to have this loose neck skin removed surgically to avoid having this “waddle” look as they get older. If you are not in a place to go under the knife, don’t be worried, there are plenty of non-invasive non-surgical options that can give you that “facelift” result without the pain and money. Revivatone by Solvaderm is specially formulated with Acetyl Dipeptide-13, an anti-aging peptide with super collagen boosting properties. It supports the skin’s structural system as a whole, maintaining elasticity on a deep level so that the skin maintains its youthful bounce and elasticity. Mature skin loses this bounce over time, and Revivatone can help to repair those broken elastin fibers and repair the skin cellularly, keeping the skin on your neck and chest firm and tight.

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