Why Drinking Water Is Critical to Your Children’s Health

The human body consists of 60 percent water. This fact says a lot about the importance of water to people’s health. Children, especially since they are still in a developmental stage, need to drink several glasses of water every day to allow their body to function properly. In fact, making drinking water accessible to children, whether they are at school or at home, can contribute greatly to their future health. It can help prevent obesity, stem oral health problems, and promote immunity to many diseases.

  • Fluoride Protection

  • Fluoride is found in many municipalities’ water supply. This additive promotes oral health by protecting children’s teeth and gums. When you let your child drink tap water every day, they can reap the protective benefits of this fluoride, which can fight dental cavities and prevent further development of tooth decay. Also, it strengthens the teeth and provides surface protection against oral problems caused by sugary food. Bottled mineral water doesn’t usually contain fluoride, so, teach your children to consume municipal tap water if it is indeed fluoridated.

  • Weight Control

  • Sugary drinks, such as soda, contribute greatly to the obesity rate in the country. What’s worse is that more children are consuming soda and other sugary drinks than water. Helping your child kick this habit by giving them a refillable water bottle that they can bring along anywhere they go can save them from the risk of obesity and its resulting ailments. In fact, a study shows that making plain drinking water easily available to children during school lunch can protect more than 500,000 youths from obesity, while reducing medical and indirect societal costs by billions of dollars.

  • Constant Rehydration

  • The body needs the constant supply of water to function. Without it, your child may have a hard time learning, developing, and staying physically active. Worse, they can experience dehydration, causing fatigue and dry mouth among several other maladies. Therefore, you need to see that your child is always hydrated by reminding them to drink plenty of water, especially when they’re exercising or playing hard.

Some parents may find it challenging to make their children drink water regularly because of the proliferation of sugary beverages on consumer shelves and the innate appeal for sugar that almost all children share. However, it’s important to find a way to incorporate drinking water into their daily routine. It will not only benefit them during their development years, but long after childhood, too.

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