For Deep, Stress-Free Sleep, Find the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain, Side Sleeper

If you want to get the most out of your sleep, get the best mattress for lower back pain, side sleeper. Autumn and winter are here, and you would want to take advantage of the cold weather for a good night’s sleep.

However, not all mattresses can provide that comfort. A select few, which are designed by experts on posture and chiropractic science, can make the cut.


Mattress Factors that Make It Hard to Sleep

To know what would make mattresses comfortable, let’s first understand why they would be considered uncomfortable.

  • Ordinary mattresses allow for heat build-up
    With an ordinary mattress, one has the tendency to feel hot because of the heat build-up. Such is the biggest reason people experience interrupted sleep. Once someone wakes up way early before the usual time, it gets harder to sleep again.
  • Ordinary mattresses have you tossing and turning
    Standard mattresses have a totally flat cushion structure, which is incompatible with people’s naturally curvy bodies. This incompatibility causes one to toss and turn while sleeping, and can cause one to wake up prematurely. Next to heat build-up, this is the reason people have a hard time sleeping.

Are There Mattresses That Address These Concerns?

Fortunately, there are mattresses that can help alleviate sleeping difficulties. Cushions developed by specialists in chiropractic medicine and physical therapy have the upper hand compared to normal beds, as they have already eliminated those discomforting factors. Two factors have also guided these specialists in creating these mattresses:

  1. The material/s used for the mattress
  2. The internal and external design of the mattress

Don’t Just Lay There, Just Sleep

A fine example of maximizing-sleep mattresses comes to us via spine specialist Dr. Raymond Hall. With his experience when it comes to studying bed posture, Dr. Hall was able to create several products that help in improving sleep. His JUST SLEEP beds, one of his inventions for sleep improvement, have innovations in their construction that make for a better sleeping experience. It’s no wonder that because of his innovative ideas, he has been featured on several TV shows such as The Doctors.

Dr. Hall’s JUST SLEEP line, hailed as the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers, has two varieties customers can choose from:

  • JUST SLEEP Premium
    This bed, which is 13 inches wide, is the only one constructed from coconut-based foam and a Talalay latex layer. An advantage of the Premium’s coconut bio foam is that it allows 200% more airflow than your usual foam, thus reducing heat buildup. In addition, the foam’s open cell internal topper gives pressure relief, reducing a person’s need to toss and turn. For its part, the Talalay latex layer is 33% more pressure relieving than memory foam. Lastly, the foam is free from off-gassing and carcinogens, heavy metals, and preservatives.
  • JUST SLEEP Select
    This 12 inch mattress boasts of three Certi-Pur certified foam layers, with a pure gel infused memory foam top layer. The top layer gives excellent pressure relief, reducing the body’s tendency to move about. Its gel elastic recoil, meanwhile, provides increased support for the mattress.

True Comfort in Bed Weather

With bed weather upon us, you have two choices: You could either continue to toss, turn, and lie awake in your run-off-the-mill mattress; or you can choose a bed that actually helps you get eight hours of pain-free sleep. Your body posture and well-being are also at stake here, so make sure you exhaust all your options and choose the best memory foam mattress for back pain.

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