Most Helpful Apps for Your Next Hiking Adventure

If you love nature as much you love staying fit, hiking is the activity for you After all, it’s the only outdoor activity that lets you exercise while discovering and exploring the wonders of nature on foot. Perhaps this is the reason behind the popularity of hiking, especially in recent years. Indeed, the number of hikers in the U.S. climbed to more than 47 million during spring 2017, compared to a tick over 44 million during spring 2016.

During its rise in popularity, the activity of hiking also grew in ease of access, much due to more advanced ways to prepare for your adventure. For example, several apps now help you choose the best trail for the particular time of year, your hiking route, and what you need to do to prevent getting lost. Take a look at the following hiking apps in this vein.


  • ViewRanger

  • Available on both Android and iOS devices, ViewRanger allows you to plot you own hiking route or follow one that’s already created for adventure seekers. In fact, this app already contains over 150,000 interactive trail guides, ready for your download and your boots.

    Just keep scrolling to see what kind of hiking route suits you best. Some trails take you along panoramic mountain ridges while others are meant to guide you along coastal strolls and dynamic seascapes. Meanwhile, some detail woodland walking trails proving perfect for the entire family.

    Furthermore, you can track and record each phase of your trip with this app. Subsequently, you can easily monitor distance or altitude gained, not to mention the time required to reach a particular juncture.

  • AllTrails

  • AllTrails prides itself for storing the largest collection of hand-curated and highly detailed trail maps. You can even filter the trails by difficulty level, length, and rating so that you don’t get in over your head if you are a hiking beginner. Moreover, you can even filter for trails that are dog-friendly or kid-friendly. You can therefore ensure that you are on the right trail.

    AllTrails also helps you to completely plan your trip before stepping onto the trail. Using the app, you can easily browse reviews of the trail, as well as photos taken by other hikers.

    Additionally, if you decide to become an AllTrails Pro user, you will be able to download and access all of this app’s maps. You can then access them even when you’re offline. AllTrails can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.

Download any of these apps to prepare for your next hiking adventure. You can also use them to plan and organize all of your future hiking trips. This way, you can experience various topographies and geographic features specifically of interest to you.

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