Sauna Does Burn Calories But Here are Some Precautions

Several medical research studies have already proven the numerous health benefits of saunas, regardless of the type and kind. One of the most attractive benefits is its ability to boost weight loss.

Whether we admit it or not, we have always been looking for a way to reduce our body mass without having to exercise or go into strict diet. Although we all know it is impossible, knowing that we can lose some pounds by only sitting and relaxing in a sauna still gives us hope. It was said that a 30-minute steam bath can help you lose as much calories as when you are running three miles. However, even if it was supported by various studies that hot bathing in a sauna does burn calories, there are still some precautions to keep in mind.

sauna for sweating out the fat

Precautions in using Saunas for Weight Loss


  • If you have any heart condition, think twice.

Rheumatic heart? Uncontrollable heart rate? Frequent palpitation? If you are experiencing some of these conditions, it might be better to consult your cardiologist first before getting into a sauna. The high temperature inside speeds up the heart rate, making it dangerous for you in case there is something not normal in your heart.

  • Hypertensive? This might not be the best idea

If you have fluctuating blood pressure levels that frequently go up, then weight loss through sauna may not be the best option for you. Similar to the case mentioned above, the high temperature inside the sauna may cause your blood pressure to increase. Sudden increase in blood pressure might lead to worse conditions such as stroke and aneurysm.

  • Drink lots of water before and after bathing in heat

Too high temperature and heavy sweating is the perfect combination for dehydration. And dehydration stalls the burning of calories. So even if the sauna does burn your fats, it will be difficult without water. Be sure to drink at least two to four glasses of water before and after getting into the sauna.

  • Sauna does burn fat but does not do anything about your muscles

The heavy sweating induced by the high temperature helps your burn calories. However, as it happens, nothing is happening with your muscles. This is why you should make sure to tone the muscles to prevent sagging. You can do this by incorporating strength training with your workout. And since the sauna increases your stamina, exercising will not be a problem for you.

  • Make sure to use the sauna sane and sober

If you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, be sure to stay away from the sauna. Alcohol and some kinds of drugs cause dehydration. Getting inside a sauna will cause greater dehydration, which is definitely not good for the body. Besides, how will it be effective for your weight loss if you have no idea what you are doing?

Do you burn calories in a sauna? Well, the answer is yes. But you should use this privilege wisely. Do not let your desire to lose weight be greater than your concern for your entire well-being. Keep in mind that there are certain conditions where using a sauna will not be good for you, and there are also some actions you should take to ensure that it works fine for your weight loss.

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