The Secret of Sweat: 4 Interesting Health Benefits

Some people sweat easily, while some need more effort to sweat it out. No matter where you stand when it comes to sweating, there’s no argument that it’s good for you.

sweatHumans have 4 million sweat glands that release a combination of amino acids, salt, proteins, water, and other constituents. Depending on factors like physiological changes and hormonal balance, the exact composition of each person’s sweat varies. Clearly, sweating is much more complicated than we might think.

What’s not complicated, however, is the many health benefits it offers. Here are some that might surprise you!

    1. Put a Smile on Your Face

Intense sweating happens during a prolonged workout at the gym or brisk walking around the block while the sun is out. When you work out enough to work up prolonged sweating, your brain naturally releases endorphins, also known as the body’s feel good hormones. Not only can this help with depression and anxiety but it can also provide pain relief. So if you want an emotional lift, go on a run or join a lively Zumba session to get some of those precious endorphins.

    1. Zap those Zits

Hormonal changes don’t only happen during puberty, but for some people, they continue well into adulthood, producing pimples or zits. Instead of reaching for that facial cream, you might want to start a sweat session instead.

When you perspire, your pores open and start releasing all the dirt that keeps in pimple-making bacteria. Don’t just stop at sweating all that grime out. Prevent the re-entry of bacteria by washing your face well after sweating.

    1. Keep Away Those Pesky Colds

The cure for the common cold may not exist, but sweating can help you avoid catching it. Antimicrobial peptides, a substance found in sweat, help your body fight against viruses and bacteria. These peptides break down the cell membranes of bacteria before they can get you sick.

Even better is that germs and bacteria don’t develop a resistance to sweat like they do with traditional antibiotics.

    1. Say Goodbye to Toxic Elements

Finally, sweat is an all-natural way to detoxify your body. Those salty droplets not only carry away salt, but also flush out more harmful substances like cholesterol and alcohol. Perspiration can also eliminate a lot of toxic elements from your body, leaving you feeling healthier and more refreshed.

You might have to work hard to induce a good sweat, but all that work is worth the incredible health benefits that a sweat session gives you.

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