Answer These Questions Before You Choose a Workout Program


Some people choose to enter marathons, others pay for a gym membership, while a significant number play sports. If the thought of intentionally sweating through physical activity never crossed your mind, you should not allow yourself to get confused once you start considering a workout routine. Whether you’re into losing excess weight or seeking a healthier lifestyle, exercise is the best way to become physically fit and boost your self-confidence. The perfect workout is not exactly a recipe you read from a book, magazine, or blog. Workout results vary fromRead More

Important Do’s and Don’ts When Starting a New Diet Program


Low carbs, no sugar, high protein, intermittent fasting—the many types of diets and combinations thereof leads many only to confusion these days. Though popular belief holds that choice is always a good thing, diets don’t necessarily fall in line with this philosophy. In dieting, people tend to stray. Their commitment easily wanes shortly after they start. After all, they know there are other diets to try that may be easier to follow. If you fall into this category of dieter, you probably need some do’s and don’ts to help youRead More

Top 3 Workouts for a Year-Round Summer Ready Body


Summer remains a time devoted to sun, sand, and surf. For some, this season also means suddenly hitting the gym and watching their diet at the beginning of the sun season—resulting in a rush to look beach-ready. While their commitment to stay fit is commendable, sporting a perfectly sculpted body requires more than just a portion of a season. Here are some killer workout routines to integrate throughout the year to obtain six-pack abs, a V-shaped torso, tight buns, or muscle-toned legs. But first . . . If you haveRead More