The Quest for 20/20 Vision: Laser Eye Surgery in Los Angeles for the Weekend Warrior

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If you like going on adventures but have difficulty in seeing, why not get laser eye surgery in Los Angeles? This is the best gift you could give to yourself.

Whether you like driving along the Pacific Coast Highway or camping in Yosemite, adventure is not complete without solid eyesight. There are a plethora of arguments why, as an expert adventurer, you need your eyes fixed. Once you do, your pre-surgery adventures won’t even compare!

Why Consider Eye Corrective Surgery?

True explorers live for the moment and enjoy everything they see. Here’s why corrective surgery for the weekend warrior is a must:

  • You won’t need to use glasses anymore.

Imagine having to hike and always bringing eyeglasses and a contact lens. Such dilutes what could be an awesome adventure. These objects, while giving you clearer eyesight, also exert extra stress on the eye area. Through corrective eye surgery, you could give your eyes the freedom they deserve. You can navigate terrain without fear of misplacing your glasses.

  • Life is short for bad vision.

Adventurers always believe in seizing the day. If you love surfing on weekends and are bothered by using contact lenses, negative energy is also wasted.  Taking in the sights in your state is nice, but taking them in with 20/20 vision is far, far better!

  • You can educate your kid about the thrills of adventure.

Bringing kids along on your adventures is one of the best things about being a parent. But with poor vision, how can you differentiate a moose from a caribou? Teaching children the names of animals and plants are a formative part of their upbringing, and getting them wrong would have bad implications. Thus, have your eyes corrected, stat.

Numerous Possibilities with Laser Eye Surgery

The common perception is that laser surgery is just LASIK, but it’s more than that. Different LASIK surgeons in Los Angeles have offerings tailored to specific eye conditions.

  • Normal LASIK

Traditional lasik procedure involves cutting a corneal flap in the eye’s surface, and peeling it back temporarily to allow the laser to reshape the cornea.

  • Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)

In this procedure, instead of a flap, the top surface or epithelium is scraped. The scraped area is given up to four days to heal. This procedure is usually recommended to people who do contact sports or serve in law enforcement.


Short for “laser assisted subepithelial keratectomy,” LASEK is almost similar to LASIK. However, the flap is made by a microkeratome cutter, and the cornea is subjected to ethanol for minimal removal. This is recommended for people with small corneas.


Compared to traditional LASIK, this is a minimally-invasive procedure to create a small contact lens shape layer below the eye surface. A small opening is also made from which the layer is taken out. Your vision is corrected as a result.

Kickstart Great Weekends with Corrected Eyesight

Once you undergo laser eye surgery, you can start having fun weekends with the family. Live life unbridled and enjoy the blessing of perfect vision. What are you waiting for? Contact experts in corrective eye and cataract surgery in Los Angeles, and begin your journey to beautiful sights galore!

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