Three Simple Tricks to Getting Rid of Puffy, Red Eyes

Sleepless nights, working overtime, allergic reactions, late-night partying, or simply binge-watching your favorite TV series are the leading reasons you might face yourdays sporting a pair of puffy, dark, wrinkled, red eyes.

stressPuffy red eyes rank as one of the most common beauty problems faced by men and women alike. This condition can affect almost anyone, regardless of age and gender. It can even sometimes be hereditary, which can be especially disappointing and consternating. After all, they are hardly attractive because they make you look either ill or dead tired.

Fortunately, you can resort to a number of methods for getting rid—or at the very least, concealing—those dark bags under your eyes short of the most desperate measure, cosmetic surgery.

  1. Use eye creams or serums

  2. Due to recent advancements in technology and chemistry, a wide array of beauty products exist that sufficiently re-hydrate the skin under your eyes. Basically, these beauty products help tighten the skin around your eyes to make them less puffy.

    Of course, a number of pros and cons are attached to either eye creams or eye serums in the effort to get rid of baggy eyes. However, compared to home remedies, such as cold tea bags, spoons or sliced fruits, eye creams or serums prove far more effective and are clinically-approved by a group of dermatologists.

  3. Drink plenty of water

  4. Most of the time, the simplest solution is the best answer. Eye puffiness can actually be a direct result of dehydration. It can also be caused by too much alcohol or sodium intake, which incidentally, can both cause your body to lose water.

    As a rule of thumb, one should drink at least eight glasses of water to be fully hydrated. However, it doesn’t hurt to also avoid eating salty foods or drinking alcohol to prevent dehydration. You might also want to go easy on fruit juices with artificial sweeteners since these are suspected to cause bloating and skin inflammation, including skin below your eyes.

  5. Avoid overly fragrant facial products

  6. Sometimes, the main reason you can’t get rid of the dark bags under your eyes lies in your allergies. Some solutions you apply to your skin can spur an allergy. As a rule, dermatologists advise their patients to choose skin-care products that are unscented or fragrance-free to prevent potential allergenic reactions.

If these simple remedies don’t work, it might be the time to consider cosmetic surgery to permanently end your puffy eye problem. A word of caution, though, you should only consider surgery as a last resort. After all, surgeries are not cheap and they can lead to drastically changing your physical features, rather than just putting an end to your puffy eyes.

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  1. Harvey Lee says:

    These tricks work so perfectly for puffy eyes. My eyes were always puffy and swollen when I woke up in the morning. I tried eye cream and got relief after trying it. Thanks for sharing the great article.

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