Tight Schedule? Here’s How to Maximize Your Portable Infrared Sauna Use

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When is the best time to use a portable infrared sauna? A lot of owners will tell you that anytime is the best time to get in there and enjoy a good sweat session. For the most part, that’s absolutely true! However, there are certain times of the day when using a sauna will help you achieve a particular result.

  • In the Morning

Chances are, your usual workday starts with a noisy alarm clock, a rushed shower, and being stuck in traffic hoping you reach the office on time. That’s a lot of stress, so early!

If you can motivate yourself to wake up a little bit earlier than normal, it’s an excellent idea to start your day 15 minutes inside your home sauna. Researchers from Japan’s Chiba University found that a morning sauna bath significantly improves performance and wellbeing. Participants had a lower resting pulse, improved concentration, increased problem-solving skills, and a generally positive outlook for the rest of the day.

  • Before Bed

Having trouble sleeping? Step into your portable sauna before you go to bed. The quick temperature change – from a hot sauna to a cool room – tells your brain that it’s time to sleep.

Spending time inside a sauna at the end of the day also transports you into a state of deep calm and relaxation, which is incredibly conducive to a good night’s sleep.

  • After a Workout

A lot of fitness experts recommend getting into a sauna right after a tough workout session, and for a good reason. Infrared heat can penetrate as deep as two inches into the joints and muscles. This makes it an effective way to loosen, relax, and release those knots and cramps that naturally come as a result of a workout.

Heat stress also improves the circulation which speeds up the body’s healing process. This prevents soreness and pain, prepares your body for your next session at the gym, and helps you avoid injuries due to tense and hurting muscles.

  • During Meditation

A portable far infrared sauna is the perfect place to practice mindfulness and meditation exercises. Turn on your unit, set the mood using chromotherapy lights, and maybe even play some calming music. The serenity and privacy of an infrared sauna makes it easier to focus on your breathing, observe your thoughts, and find your center.

  • Before / After Yoga

Yoga and saunas are both ancient practices, and they continue to complement each other today. An infrared sauna unit is wonderful space to practice your yoga poses. Similar to meditation, the tranquillity also makes it effortless to enter the proper mental state for yoga.

Not sure if you should do it before or after? Either would be great, but scheduling it both before and after your session will be fine as well.

Finally, it’s always better to use your sauna when you’re not in a rush. You want enough time to slow down and enjoy the complete relaxation it provides. And with the convenience of a home sauna, you can schedule your sauna sessions whenever you’d like!

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