Top 3 Workouts for a Year-Round Summer Ready Body

Summer remains a time devoted to sun, sand, and surf. For some, this season also means suddenly hitting the gym and watching their diet at the beginning of the sun season—resulting in a rush to look beach-ready. While their commitment to stay fit is commendable, sporting a perfectly sculpted body requires more than just a portion of a season.

Here are some killer workout routines to integrate throughout the year to obtain six-pack abs, a V-shaped torso, tight buns, or muscle-toned legs.

But first . . .

If you have never been physically active, prepare to suffer slight muscle sore early in your routine. To prevent your muscles from seizing up, you must learn some basic warm-up and cool-down routines.

Warm-up exercises and pre knee replacement exercises, especially stretching, prepare your muscles for exertion and minimize potential strains. On the other hand, cool-down exercises help stabilize your circulatory system after raising its level during the workout.

Of the two, people most often skip the cooling down process, which can lead to danger because elevated heart rates can lead to fainting, dizziness, and in extreme cases, blood pooling in muscles.

    1. Bicycle Crunches

bicycle crunchesFar from your usual crunches, a bicycle crunch focuses on the stability of your core by moving both upper and lower sections of your body simultaneously. It is an easy exercise that does not need any specialized gym equipment.

To do bicycle crunches, lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Lift your knees as if riding a bicycle and move like your pedaling, alternately bringing each elbow close to the opposite knee. As much as possible, keep your chest and back straight while you do this exercise to engage your core better. Do at least 15 crunches at a time. Repeat the steps about 2-3 times with a rest period of about 10 seconds in between.

    1. Plank Exercises

Contrary to popular belief, planking is actually more than just a passing fad or craze. It is a useful exercise for those who want to strengthen and sculpt their core to perfection. It requires no equipment and can be done almost everywhere. The basic premise of planking is to hold one’s body as stiff as a board for as long as you can. It is an exercise that tests the strength and endurance of your core muscles as well as your arms, shoulders, and glutes.

There are a number of ways to plank, but its goal is all the same: to tone your muscles and improve your overall posture.

    1. Push-Ups

Doing push-ups strengthens the upper body and tests the limits of your shoulders, arms, and your core. However, most beginners find this exercise too difficult. If you cannot fully support your body weight (yet), try modifying this exercise by pushing up off of the edge of a table top or letting your knees touch the floor while pushing up. These ‘cheater’ push-ups will prepare your body for the full-fledged exercise in no time.

Try these simple exercises now, and make your body beach-ready all year round!

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