Top Skin-Care Products Every New Mom Can’t Live Without

Every woman knows that a good skin regimen is hard to maintain, especially if you don’t have the time or money to spend on it. This task becomes harder when you become a parent. According to a recent British poll, it takes approximately 1-1/2 years for any new mom to feel ‘like a woman’ again. Furthermore, the same poll found out that a staggering 63 percent of these mothers unwittingly let themselves go as they fail to grasp a beauty routine that genuinely works for them.

As much as those new bundles of joy are important in your life, it is also necessary to never forget to take care of yourself. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of time nor money to stay beautiful during these trying times. Just follow this mantra for healthy, youthful, and beautiful skin: cleanse, moisturize, and treat.

skin care products

  • Cleanse

  • No matter how your newborn keeps you busy, never forget to wash your face. You can forget how to apply makeup or even comb your hair, but never, ever forget to clean your face at least twice a day. If you find lathering and rinsing to be too time consuming, then maybe you should try micellar waters. It is dermatology-tested and comes in various brands to fit your style and budget. Best of all, you can start cleaning your face with this product anytime and anywhere.

    A word of caution though, since micellar water consists of tiny balls of cleansing oil in soft water, it might not be as effective on oily skin. If this is the case, then the good, old, beauty bar soap (or your favorite facial cleansing foam) should do the trick.

  • Moisturize

  • Among other things that new mothers share in common is lack of sleep. This is why moisturizers can come in handy to make your skin look hydrated and bright, despite not catching enough sleep.

    Night creams and eye creams should be your new best friend, as well as some hydrated facial masks to keep your skin glowing. If you are tight on the budget, you might look to a moisturizer that is both good for new moms and their babies alike. Consequently, you can guarantee your child’s baby smooth skin while also taking care of yours.

  • Treat

  • You don’t have to go and spend money on a facial. Plenty of products exist on the market that you can use at home when you are seriously looking for some skin pampering. After all, anti-aging creams and collagen masks fill health and beauty shelves, as well as eye serums (to reduce puffy eyes) and anti-acne gels (due to those hormonal imbalances) to fix your skin concerns.

Just remember, being a mother does not mean you stop being a woman. Though some might argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or in this case, your significant other), it would definitely not hurt your self-confidence to make yourself look pretty, even without makeup on your face.

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