Why Use a Strapless CPAP Mask

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Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP is still the gold standard treatment for sleep apnea, which causes mouth breathing. This innovative machine forces air through a hose to a mask up to the nasal cavity where it mechanically splints the airway open letting the air enter the lungs. Strapless CPAP mask, full face mask, and nasal CPAP mask designs are available in the market, each with their own sets of pros and cons.

However, how would you know which to use? Why do we even need to use the CPAP machine?


The culprit: mouth breathing!

Mouth breathing has its many ill-effects as it is unnatural to breathe through your mouth. Nasal, full face, and CPAP strapless face masks all help to correct this problem. Why? Because chronic mouth breathing can cause:

  • halitosis or bad breath;
  • periodontal disease;
  • ear and throat infections;
  • low blood oxygen, which is associated to high blood pressure and heart failure; and
  • decrease in lung function, among others.

This is worse in children as their prolonged exposure and generally weaker constitution might also cause:


  • poor posture;
  • misaligned mouths;
  • dental problems; and
  • side effects of poor night sleep, which includes poor growth, weak academic performance, loss of concentration, and development of sleep disorders.

That is why the use of full face, nasal, and CPAP strapless face masks is a must. The most widely used among the three is the full face masks. However, this model has been plagued by various disadvantageous characteristics and flaws in the design that patients sometimes end up wondering if it is all worth it.

But mouth breathers need not to worry as the strapless CPAP mask is the solution to your problems. With its innovative design, this CPAP mask is designed to still be effective as a treatment for mouth breathing while still unobtrusive enough to allow other activities. Here’s a list of problems that strapless CPAP masks can solve:

Strapless CPAP mask solves…

Thanks to its inventive design, this type of mask is able to provide the necessary treatment for sleep apnea while being friendly to its users. Problems with full CPAP face masks that the strapless version solves include:

  • Increased chance of leak. Because of it fitting into the patient’s nose and mouth, the chances of air leaks, and the dry eyes because of those leaks, are eliminated entirely; unlike in full face masks whose large skin contact area causes said leaks.
  • Fit issues. No more bulky headgear or chin straps making sure that the hoses don’t get removed. With the use of two mouthpieces and a nasal insert, the strapless version affords less fit issues.
  • Discomfort due to added weight. As has been said above, getting rid of the straps and headgear means a lighter, slimmer, and less obtrusive mask, perfect when sleeping.
  • Not bedtime-activity friendly. Because of it being less bulky, bedtime activities like watching TV or reading a book will be no sweat at all.
  • Not compatible to all sleeping positions. In the full face mask version, sleeping on your stomach is impossible! Now, patients can sleep anyway they want.
  • Claustrophobia. Say goodbye to days when going to sleep feels like taking a deep dive to Marianas Trench. The strapless model is as liberating as it is effective!


So, what are you waiting for? Tired of being limited? Be free! Go strapless!


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